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    It is also in a manufacturers best interest to keep selling What a better way to ensure continued demand.
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    Sprocket sizes for 2007 Ninja 650

    I raced an 06 and here is my findings 14 front 46 rear. That bike has a great mid punch so I am not sure why you would sacrifice straight line speed for more acceleration out of the turns? I also found that I could carry more corner speed then most others on the 600's and 1000's. I would get...
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    Setup/Teardown volunteering

    I'm not racing this year but can pop out to help with setup on the 26th. Chris Meyer
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    NINJA 650R Race Bike FS

    Bike has been Sold
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    NINJA 650R Race Bike FS

    Photos and price added.
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    December Exec meeting

    If this event outgrows your current space let me know. I have a meeting room in Edmonton that can accommodate quite a large group, with very easy access.
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    AGM Info and 2016 Rule Change Thread

    As I have run this for years I will weigh in. Taking a class that nobody signs up for and making it more restrictive wont magically make the grids bigger or more popular. Us "little" bike racers have been shrinking in the past few years, to the point I am questioning even gridding next year...
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    AGM Info and 2016 Rule Change Thread

    Not sure if this bringing things back in topic or further away...:D I just received a promotion at work and will be relocating from Red Deer to Edmonton in the late winter/ early spring. Due conflicting priorities I can not make the AGM. I would however like to nominate myself for a Director...
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    NINJA 650R Race Bike FS

    bump:) back to the top.
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    Track Attack - Sept. 18
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    Cheaper Than Air Fence

    I consume countless 10L DEF plastic jugs that would work very well too. If this is something we are going to really do I can start saving them at work.
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    Trackside Doctor?

    Hi Exec, I have a Doctor friend that is older guy with years in the ER, OR and Anesthesiology areas. He is a huge motorcycle enthusiast and travels world wide to take in motorcycle racing. He has approached me to see if our club would have a need or desire of his services during our events...
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    NINJA 650R Race Bike FS

    NINJA 650R Race Bike******SOLD***** Fully race prepped Middleweight Twin/ Lightweight Superbike class bike. The bike is a turn key racing setup that has won multiple class titles. This bike runs on pump gas and is a very budget friendly racing machine. The bike has an upgraded complete...
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    Race day schedule

    On that note, as I was not looking forward to it I was really surprised. That race went really well and was a ton of fun. Us little SBK and Sportsman racers got to see the fast novice riders and even battle a bit in the corners. it made the race fun and was not just cutting laps to a checkered...
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    Getting started with EMRA

    Steve, I currently ride a Ninja 650R and compete in the lightweight and middleweight classes. I would not recommend going any lower as far as size. As stated by TSR and may I say his opinion is right on track; spend your money on gear and look for a used race bike as this will be the cheapest...
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    FS **Honda EU3000is**

    FS **Honda EU3000is** SOLD Like the title says. Had it for 4 years. Bought new from Honda Extreme. This generator had been stolen from me and I picked another one up as I never expected to see this one again. RCMP surprised the hell out of me and did find it so now I have 2. Electric key...
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    Cheaper Than Air Fence

    Interesting alternative to expensive air fencing.
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    Items not recovered.... 1 new set plus extra rear superbike slicks, 120 front, 160 rear 2 sets 1 used 1 new rain tires same size 04 zx636 front rim with disks, 1 rear 650R rim. no tires installed. plastic bin fill of parts, vortex clip-ons, woodcraft rear sets(650R) stuff like that... it...
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    Thanks guys for the support! Outside of the warmers I think I will be able to beg and borrow anything else I need trackside. If I run into anything I know who to come find. It is great to belong to such a great club!
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    As some who are friends of FB know i had my entire race setup stolen in the wee hours of Monday morning. Thankfully the race bike was not in the trailer at the time. The RCMP recovered my trailer the same day empty. I found out today they have arrested someone in connection to my theft and they...