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  1. piglet

    WTB Rain Tires

    Team Komo has a set we can part with.
  2. piglet

    2 Racer Group track night Jul 23 spots for sale

    *** SOLD*** Unfortunately due to work, the Komo team will be unable to ride the July 23 track night. Our spots were purchased at the Airfence fundraiser so are available for sale at the discounted rate of $75 each.
  3. piglet

    Princess Auto 800lb Motorcycle Lift

    SOLD Used once. $400 obo
  4. piglet

    Used front Ice Race tire
  5. piglet

    EMRA Podium picture plaques!

    Any others? I don't think Alana was there until the afternoon.
  6. piglet

    EMRA Podium picture plaques!

    Where do we find the links for the photographers from Round 7?
  7. piglet

    LF : Clip On Bars

    Does anyone have clip on bars kicking around that they would like to sell? Red preferred but black or silver will do. Lorna
  8. piglet


    Just a heads up if you camp in the pits, unless the schedule has changed, the drag races may go into the dark so it's noisy for awhile. Not much else goes on.
  9. piglet

    >>> Seat Foam. Pre-cut for SBK tail <<<

    if these are still available.. I would like to see if I can use them. can you post pics?
  10. piglet

    Rd 1 Registration

    Is 2015 Race Schedule the same as 2014? I am trying to decide what races to enter.
  11. piglet

    Race Number Reserve List (2015)

    Sorry Daryl.. i thought about our number dilemma and almost felt bad for my decision to return... almost ;)
  12. piglet

    Race Number Reserve List (2015)

    looking for my number to return from "retirement"..can i keep it?
  13. piglet

    Round 5/6 FINAL weekend of racing, volunteers needed

    I'll be there :)
  14. piglet

    registration issue ?

    Does anyone know how to preregister using a vouchure? I don't see a "pay at track" option. :confused:
  15. piglet

    EMRA T-Shirts

    I will bring the requested T-shirts to the screening. I sent out an email about that to all that haven't contacted me. If you ordered a shirt and didn't receive my email then just let me know here if you want me to bring your shirt and it will be there :)
  16. piglet

    Race Number Reserve List (2014)

    I would like to reserve Blk 4 just in case I accidently end up on the grid ;) Lorna
  17. piglet

    T-shirts have arrived !!!

    Hey All, Just a reminder that if you ordered a t-shirt, I will have them at the AGM tomorrow night for pick up. If you won't be making it, I will email you on the weekend for pick up/delivery options or instructions. Let's show these off :) Lorna
  18. piglet

    EMRA T-Shirts

    Last day to order your t-shirts... Don't miss out !! My goal is to have them at the AGM for pickup.
  19. piglet

    EMRA T-Shirts

    They are supposed to be ready by the AGM so I will have them there. Any left over after that can be picked up at the posted location (yet to be determined) or will be shipped out. If you will be at the AGM and would be willing to take the BC orders with you, that would be great and appreciated :)
  20. piglet

    EMRA T-Shirts

    I will be posting when and where pickups can be made so stay tuned here. It will most likely be the week after the AGM :)