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  1. turn8

    Curbs and Gators

    curbs going in at Castrol
  2. turn8

    2015 Bike show!

    Volunteers We are going to need a lot of help @ the CSBK lets use the Motorcycle show to find extra corner workers etc with a sign-up sheet on our table this weekend. .
  3. turn8

    2015 Bike show!

    motorcycle show 2015 Hi, Ian i can do the sat afternoon / eve shift.. Paul :)
  4. turn8

    Totalled 600RR Race Bike

    A Friend selling his bike etc
  5. turn8

    trackday insurance

    Might be of use
  6. turn8

    Track worker is ok

    EDMONTON - A 41-year-old man was airlifted to hospital Saturday night after an all-terrain vehicle crash during a drag racing event just south of Edmonton. Shortly before 8 p.m., STARS air ambulance landed on the racetrack at the Castrol Raceway in Nisku, where paramedics picked up a man who...
  7. turn8

    Hardnox Trackday 22/06/2014
  8. turn8

    Victoria Day Track attack

    all the photos
  9. turn8

    Victoria Day Track attack

    unpanted R1 try these, i,m not sure of the 3rd one.
  10. turn8

    Victoria Day Track attack

    blk 88 The only one i can find of a black/white #88 , sorry the is no link....i only do this for fun..
  11. turn8

    Victoria Day Track attack

    Rsv4 sure here are a few...:)
  12. turn8

    Victoria Day Track attack

    Victoria day a few more
  13. turn8

    Victoria Day Track attack

    #54 not sure of the second one..:confused:
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    Victoria Day Track attack

    here are a few from Monday...
  15. turn8

    New development at castrol

    The new AMB system is going in
  16. turn8

    Castrol full course laps..

    thanks to who ever filmed this..
  17. turn8

    Stratotech for Sale Again

    Stratotech Dan got his $$, this is the new Owner reselling, not sure what happend, but good luck getting that price..
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    having spent a season with the sports car club @ Castrol, we have found it to be a busy place with many events going on at the same time and into the evening, and the are spectators walking around in all areas even after dark,,..i,m not aware of anything large going amiss , but for a broom or 2...
  19. turn8

    Castrol track day Sept 1.

    different car, lower angle
  20. turn8

    Castrol track day Sept 1.

    Lap of long course