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    May 11 Airfence Track Setup

    I can come down and help. Unfortunately I"m off work at 5pm so I'll have to drive down straight after work.
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    Competition insurance was really good to deal with, good coverage for the approx. $350 they charge. Just ensure you read the exclusions. If you are transporting the bike it is only covered for theft if it is inside an enclosed metal trailer that is locked up, so no leaving it in the box of your...
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    Dunlop 2018 TIRES TIRES TIRES

    Is the pricing on the chart in USD or CAD?
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    2013+ Kawasaki zx6r Scorpion RP-1 carbon fibre / titanium exhaust and link pipe

    I have a scorpion exhaust and link pipe for a 2013+ zx6r. The slip on exhaust is titanium/ carbon fibre and the link pipe is stainless steel. Great condition I paid $928 for the slip on and $309 for the link pipe. Massive weight savings and this pipe sounds amazing. Deep growl motogp sound...
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    In search of a 2015 ZX6R compatible front rim

    I'm looking for a 2015 ZX6R compatible front rim preferably with rotors, if anyone has any leads let me know! Thanks!
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    EMRA 3 Sept 17 Photos

    I'd like to see what you have of Red #311 please!!
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    May Track Photos

    Do you have any of red #311 in novice open, red / white / blue bike in the same colored leathers. It'd be greatly appreciated if you took a look. Thanks!
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    ISO / WANTED: ZX6R 2013+ Race fairings

    I'm in search of a 2013+ race bodywork for a zx6r. If anyone has one or any leads let me know. Regards,
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    I just recently purchased a new Shoei GT-Air and the only sticker I can found in regards to safety is the DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified and on the inside of the helmet it was inspected in October 2013. Does this meet the equivalent requirements?