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  1. marmstro

    LS2 arrow C Evo carbon helmet

  2. marmstro

    Alpinestars Supertech R road racing boots

    Size 9. Comes with inner bootie. Fantastic boot. 225
  3. marmstro

    LS2 arrow C Evo carbon helmet

    Size medium. Barely used. (It was my rain helmet) Fantastic condition. Manufacturer date 05/2018
  4. marmstro

    KTM RC390 racebike package

  5. marmstro

    KTM RC390 racebike package

    Rapid bike Evo fueling module and quick shifter. Tuned by mots machining. Fuel exhaust f1r exhaust system with removable db killer. K-tech razor R rear shock. Andreani fork cartridge kit. Shorai LiPo battery. Race rear sets and clip-ons. Starlane stealth GPS-4 lite laptimer. 415 chain...
  6. marmstro

    BMW S1000rr stock bodywork/etc and KTM RC390 stock bodywork/etc

    Need the room, so I'm hoping someone can use this stuff. You can have it in exchange for some beer or something else interesting. Only thing is you have to take it all.
  7. marmstro

    Inverter generator

  8. marmstro

    Inverter generator

    Inverter generator. 2000/1600 watt. Powerfist brand. Very good condition. Starts and runs excellent and has never let me down. Will run 2 sets of tire warmers. The plastic case is scratched from use, but it's just cosmetic. Pm me for photos. 300$ for my EMRA friends.
  9. marmstro

    Wanted : 2006-2007 ZX10R parts

    I have some fairing pieces from my old 08. You can have em, if they will fit.
  10. marmstro

    Registrar's report recap - 2020

    Excellent data. Thanks for that, Blam.
  11. marmstro

    2020 Race Numbers

    What about me? I`m retiring red 10 for black 15.....
  12. marmstro

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    If anyone has any other changes they want discussed at the AGM, get em up here so I can have a list ready for the meeting. This is to try and keep the meeting as orderly as possible so we are not talking until midnight.....
  13. marmstro

    Picture plaques!!!

    Count me in... I paid on MSR.
  14. marmstro

    2013 Kawasaki ZX10R

    :D70 G's?! Did I just win lotto 649?
  15. marmstro

    Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer Award

    I nominate Neil Carlson. He is obviously an outstanding rider, but whenever someone has a bike problem or needs parts he is there. And his time spent running the club is immense and unacknowledged.
  16. marmstro

    EMRA Racers at WMRC/Mission Raceway...

    That`s great!
  17. marmstro

    Lightweight Racing...

    I concur wholeheartedly. I haven`t enjoyed racing as much in a while. It is so much fun without breaking the bank. And it is quite a challenge for someone used to relying on power for quick lap times. I`ve learned more this year than I have in a while. And enjoyed closer racing while...
  18. marmstro

    2019 Team Championship

    Oh my god
  19. marmstro

    2019 Team Championship

    What about Pension Racing? Some love please...