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  1. yak

    Helmet marking, ECE compliance

    Thanks Sean. I am toying with the idea. First step is a track evening. The bike may need some sorting and the rider definitely does.
  2. yak

    Helmet marking, ECE compliance

    Hello Gear Tech Experts I am looking at a helmet that shows up as ECE 2205 rated in numerous web entries. I have found that a particular instance of this helmet does not have a label or sticker that calls out ECE 2205, but it does have a sewn in label that shows an E in a circle followed by a...
  3. yak

    2018 coaching with OTP schools

    Jon Thanks for the info. I also recall watching an incident on which an oil filter seal failed on a bike with an aftermarket fairing going into turn 1 at Stratotech. It wasn't on a Honda and it wasn't pretty for the following rider. Cheers
  4. yak

    2018 coaching with OTP schools

    Thanks guys. I believe that capturing oil in a bellypan with consistency is pretty challenging. There are other reasons to consider aftermarket bodywork but on the subject at hand whether it is instructors (or new folks on a budget) I wouldn't go down the path of mandating aftermarket bodywork.
  5. yak

    2018 coaching with OTP schools

    Justin What is the motivation behind the proposed aftermarket body work rule change? If I manage to get back on the track next year I would not object to a bike that passes 2017 tech rules being on track. The questions I would have would be related to how traffic is dealt with and which...
  6. yak

    WTB TTR 125L

    I am looking for a TTR 125. It must be the "big wheel" version with the disc front brake. I am cheap but sort of reasonable. My budget is closer to $1,000 than $2,000. Doesn't have to be cosmetically perfect. Drop me a note if you have one. Regards, Todd
  7. yak

    1990 FRZ400

    Message sent.
  8. yak

    2018 Rule Change Discussion

    A pair of questions for the forum moderators: why is 2017 discussion thread on rules pinned while the 2018 one isn't?
  9. yak

    2018 Rule Change Discussion

    Just a (fun) observation. The rule book must be in pretty good shape if one of the hottest topics is on race numbers. :-)
  10. yak

    First track bike

    From what I recall early generation R6s had "razor sharp" handling. I read this as not a good first race bike. A good first race bike provides lots of feedback. Feedback tells you that you are trying to do something that the bike/tire combo can't deliver on. The initial purchase price of a...
  11. yak

    I miss the shout box.

    Dave you have done a great job in so many more important areas, but I miss the "Shout Box". It was fun to drop in and make a random comment. Congrats to all the racers this year. Some very impressive progress was made by so many. If anyone is looking for a couple of race related activities...
  12. yak

    stupid question i know grom ......

    I recommend checking out the AMRA. That bike would be fun on a go cart track like Strathmore. Either that our find a parking lot, get some traffic cones and invite a few friends. :-)
  13. yak

    Team Championships

    Hey Brian For those of us watching from a distance are the team lists (members) available? Thanks
  14. yak

    GSX-R 750 in Superbike & Open Sportbike

    If you are picking a 4 cylinder bike to race the 2 best options are the 600 or the 1000. In club racing the rider is the dominant factor in the results, and Castrol is not tight enough to reward a 750 over a 1000. Yes a good rider on a 750 can beat another club racer on a 1000, but the same...
  15. yak

    race hero vs mylaps

    Nice work on the timing system updates Dave. I got drawn into "watching" some of the races on Race Hero this weekend.
  16. yak

    May Exec Meeting Minutes

    Reads like a well oiled machine. Nice also to see the commitment to continuous improvement.
  17. yak

    Mini road racing

    Thanks Blame the tire rating question on internet research. I read that there was a significant difference in tire diameter between the H and V rated tires of the same size. Clearly the 100 would have to be strapped to an RC213V to exceed a bicycle tire speed rating. :-)
  18. yak

    Mini road racing

    Thanks Kent. I've read some comments on H vs V rated options in the Bridgestones. I expect these tires will last a long time so I may as well start out with the "right" tire. The test and tunes are my starting plan.
  19. yak

    Mini road racing

    Thanks for the info. I already have a crf100 so that is why it is my first choice. I figured on bikes this size that brakes wouldn't be that important. :-) What are the preferred tires for the Thunder bikes? I am looking for fun close racing; so if I'm too slow then I'll have to get a...
  20. yak

    Mini road racing

    Hi I am planning to try mini road racing at Strathmore this year. I am wondering if anyone else from the EMRA will be out there this year. I am planning on prepping a CRF100F, but I have also seen some CBR125s that look interesting. Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. I am...