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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Hi Matt, thanks for commenting on the AMRA/EMRA lightweight class subject. There are going to be some GP's coming that way from here regardless of what happens now that Stratotech has reopened and we have some time to prepare. I have a stock TZ125 as does another AMRA member and we have...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Hello everyone at the EMRA, I've been pushing to have a class that overlaps between the AMRA and EMRA; Lightweight Superbike. I think the rules in this class should be left unmodified on the EMRA side, it is perfect just as it is, especially in regards to engine displacement rules. Running...
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    06 ZX10R - For sale - 58.2 @ Stratotech

    Maybe around $7500? Considering there is enough to almost build two complete bikes and a bunch of Ohlins/Attack/Akrapovic in there I don't know how you can go wrong. I think I said this before: A couple sets of Kawasaki racing "Kit" cams, "Kit" pistons, quickshifter, the Kit ECU/harness with...
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    06 ZX10R - For sale - 58.2 @ Stratotech

    I'm open to offers. What is nice is that it is still setup the same as it was when I raced there, so if it suits your riding style it is good to go. Act on it fast enough and this could be used this weekend... Just need a brake lever guard? Nothing major anyway. This is a no nonsense bike, the...
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    06 ZX10R - For sale - 58.2 @ Stratotech

    Hi everyone. So I put together my '06 ZX-10R with the hopes to run it again at Stratotech but I have a different bike I'm working on to run there for next year instead. I've decided it might be better to sell it to someone that would like to get a bike that needs very minimal setup to run fast...
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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Quick question in regards to the rulebook as it is written for 2019: What are the displacement limits per class for Two-Stroke engines? A proposed change for the 2020 rulebook might be to add clarity on this.
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    06/07 ZX10R with enough spares to almost build another bike. 2006 #1 Pro SBK Title - Jordan Szoke 2007 #1 Pro SBK Title - Jordan Szoke 2009 Western Canadian Open Sportbike Title - Dave Stokowski 2009 #1 EMRA Expert Superbike Title - Dave Stokowski Ohlins suspension, Attack Performance...
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    Race Number Reserve List (2014)

    I would like to please reserve #75 Black please. Thanks, Dave Stokowski