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    July 3-5 Stratotech Weekend Info

    Just a quick post to thank the EMRA and to recognize the hard work that went into getting Stratotech up and running again! It was a long time for me since being on track and I never imagined the opportunity would ever present itself to get back out at Stratotech again...I had an absolute blast...
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    July 3-5 Stratotech Weekend Info

    Thanks Jon!
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    July 3-5 Stratotech Weekend Info

    Hey fast316, I'm planning to get back on track (its been a long time!) and come out on July 3. I searched the site and found the race tech requirements, but I can't find the requirements for trackday rider tech. Is there a link on the site here? In particular, what are the helmet requirements?
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    Wanna race with this guy?

    Insane:eek:Hopefully that crazy Russian doesn't kill anyone else before he kills himself.
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    This is how NOT to do it

    pro skills
  6. J

    Endurance race...

    No. The endurance race is only open to intermediate and expert riders.
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    Endurance race...

    I'll ride for your team Matt:D
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    engine case covers...

    Hey Matt, Here's the guideline that we're following. I think case guards might be the most cost effective option. If you want to call me later we can discuss. Juan
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    Bickle Warmers- End of Season sale

    Agreed. Bickle makes top notch warmers...get 'em while they're hot !:D
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    Round 4 Intermediate Open Sportbike video

    Nice solid race Davey ! Recliner racing....makes me want to get back out there.:)
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    !!!Round 4 PICS!!!

    Thank God he didn't go over the fence. It was good to see him alert in the ambulance after, albeit a little banged up and probably a bit drugged out.
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    thanks to the emra from team sask

    I for one was quite pleased to see the Rider flag up there. Good job Steve. Sorry to hear about your collarbone though. Heal up ! Juan
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    Tires Wanted

    Check your PM Janzo...I've got some good takeoffs that may work for you.
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    yeah i know another bike question....

    I do believe that's a rhetorical question Big Jon...but for the record, yes.
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    yeah i know another bike question....

    Sounds like you're on the right track Steve. Be sure to check the rule book requirements for bike prep(section 5.2) and rider gear(Chapter 4) specifically noting the back protector reuirement which is new for 2010. Juan
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    yeah i know another bike question....

    Hey Steve, I thought you were bringing up the KZ that we'd talked any case. What Jon said makes sense to me also. As long as the bike doesn't pose an undue risk of oiling the track due to case cover damage, then it's not an issue. See you on the weekend ! Juan
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    Nice pass then a bad crash

    ...and that's why you never ride _ _ _ _ _ on the back of a 1000RR.
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    Nice pass then a bad crash

    Is this a picture of a young Komo and his teacher? You decide.
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    Thinking of Coming up for round 2

    great to see you guys up from Mission ! Thanks for making the effort to come up here, and glad to hear you had a good weekend, Juan
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    Nice pass then a bad crash

    That was kind of creepy how Komo used his superpowers to warp time and pass you like that Justin. :eek: