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  1. Shredder780

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    I’d like to see automatic DQ’s from a black flag be discussed to allow them to be protest-able because each case can be individually circumstantial. To play devil’s advocate, we definitely also do not want to have riders receiving black flags as a “guideline” and implying their own judgement...
  2. Shredder780

    Classes... Advice needed

    Hi Rodrigo, I'm an intermediate racer, but I'm still fairly new to racing and I was where you are now last year, so I felt compelled to give you my perspective. 2 schools' of thought are: 1) Riding with faster guys makes you faster. - Absolutely true. But if there is a huge gap in pace, you...
  3. Shredder780

    Race Suit Wanted - 54/52 Euro 44/42 US

    Hey d’arcy, thanks for the reply. I saw you can get the Atem on fortnine for about that new. If I was going used,I was looking to spend about $7-800. I actually went and bought a new a-stars missile suit. I haven’t used it yet, so if something comes up in the next week or so I may take it back...
  4. Shredder780

    Race Suit Wanted - 54/52 Euro 44/42 US

    Hi all, I'm looking for a one piece race suit size 54/52 Euro / 44/42 US, or a right arm I can sew on...(haha?). Let me know if you have anything you want to get rid of. I'll be around Castrol Sunday and Monday (July 22/23). I'm local in Edmonton. Thanks.
  5. Shredder780

    EMRA July 7th & 8th

    Anett has a decent gallery for Round 3 posted as well. Cheers.