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  1. Scott

    2022 Awards Banquet poll… salmon or cabbage rolls

    Salmon, ruck cabbage folls
  2. Scott

    Tech-Air Recharge

    Currently it’s send to California. $400 cdn for recharge. Idk what argyle can do but I doubt it’s $180 for refurbish
  3. Scott

    Volunteer refund

    We will try our best to update MSR so confusion doesnt happen. Thanks for your concern.
  4. Scott


    Castrol general rule for 600 is -1/+1 if your expert and -1/+2 if your intermediate
  5. Scott

    Alpinestars GP Pro Professional Suit

    Where did you buy this for $2500? These are $1699.95 msrp.
  6. Scott

    Safety Castrol racetrack

    Im pretty sure the best seat in the house is on your honda in hot pursuit of my yamaha!
  7. Scott

    2008 Yamaha R6 For Sale $8000

    Hi couple of questions, Where is the bike located? Whats the approx mileage? Salvage or active frame? When was the suspension last serviced? Where seals serviced recently? When was the nix 30 kit installed? When was the motor built and last refreshed? Is the dynojet quickshifter to the ecu or...
  8. Scott

    AGM Attendance

    I will be there solely for the purpose of “motorcycle banter”
  9. Scott

    Leathers/suit wanted

    Youll have a hard time getting into a 42. Try a 44-46, im 5'11 and 44 is the smallest i can fit height wise.
  10. Scott

    Pitbull TRS Trailer Restraints

    ill take one, sent you a text.
  11. Scott

    Castrol Track Attack June 15th - Q&A

    Have fun. #blackflagsmatter
  12. Scott

    formula 112

    so who changed the rulebook in the last 3 hours? *edit* brian...
  13. Scott

    formula 112

    Thats not what the 2018 rulebook says Brian...
  14. Scott

    formula 112

    5.7 Formula 112 (Combined class Intermediate-Expert) Any motorcycle type Unlimited modifications Tires – DOT or slicks No external timing devices (Lap timers, Pit boards) Open to all Intermediate or Expert riders Any rider recording a lap time shorter than 112% of the cut off time, as recorded...
  15. Scott

    Video Editing

    I use MICROSOFT paint for all my audio/Visual needs.
  16. Scott

    GPS tracker

    Yea don’t end up like Nate Kern
  17. Scott

    Looking for Used Leathers

    Langbros suits are garbage. They are $600 for a reason. Spend the money and get a proper suit; new or used.
  18. Scott

    WTB: May 13th HardNox Expert Spot

    No I’m buying an expert spot