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    Turn-Key Racing Package - 2009 GSXR-600

    The trailer is sold. Leathers and riders gear is still available.
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    Turn-Key Racing Package - 2009 GSXR-600

    The bike and accessories are sold. The trailer and leathers/rider gear are still available. I'll get some pics and pricing up right away.
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    Turn-Key Racing Package - 2009 GSXR-600

    It will be a great package for somebody. Good luck today racers - be safe and have fun!
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    Turn-Key Racing Package - 2009 GSXR-600

    It was a tough decision. I've so enjoyed racing with you and the other guys in Expert 600 however, I know it's time!
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    Turn-Key Racing Package - 2009 GSXR-600

    The bike is all set to go. A video and a few recent pics from this weekend.
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    Turn-Key Racing Package - 2009 GSXR-600

    Click on this link first. All information is located here. After 20+ years of racing I’ve decided to retire from this great sport/lifestyle and try some new things. I’m selling everything as a complete race ready package. Motorcycle racing is a difficult...
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    GSXR 600 (2006) Gearing

    Yup that’s about right. With that combo I get into 5th on the two longer straights.
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    2012 GSXR-600 Big Piston Forks, front-end assembly Check out the Kijij ad for details. Can deliver to Edmonton, Calgary or via mail. Matt
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    FS: woodcraft knee sliders

    I’ll take them - I just sent you a PM. Matt
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    Meeting Minutes - March 2018

    Hello Executive, May I ask if there has been any movement on the safety enhancements for Turn 1? I can only speak for myself however, of all the issues we have discussed as a club, this is the most important item for me that I feel can be addressed if there is the will to do so. Thanks...
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    Engine parts, gear and misc stuff for sale (Bazzaz, velocity stacks, gloves, tires)

    I'll send you a PM about the boots. Matt
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    HJC CL-17 for sale

    Will you have the helmet with you this weekend? Matt
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    *** Pitbull Trailer Restraint ***

    I just sent you a PM. Matt
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    *** Pitbull Trailer Restraint ***

    Hello there, Do you have pins for a 2009 GSXR-600? Matt
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    2008-10 GSXR 600/750 Garage cleanup.

    Hello there, I'm interested in the bodywork. Can you send me a PM to discuss? Thanks, Matt
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    Preferred tire supplier and suspension shop

    From my time in Ontario, I've always used John Sharrard, owner and operator of Accelerated Technologies. The shipping will obviously be more than just within AB however, suspension work is all he does and from several personal experiences, he's very good at it. He is working on GSXR-600 forks...
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    2001 Suzuki SV650

    The bike is SOLD.
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    Dunlop slicks and GP-A's

    I sold the last set this week. Sorry, Matt
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    2017 rule change discussion

    Thanks Jon and everyone else for your thoughtful comments. There are several excellent points being presented, two of which I would like to comment on. 1. I too enjoy watching the 1000 Superbike races at the end of the day however, I believe the 600 Superbike races also deserve recognition...
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    Dunlop slicks and GP-A's

    Dunlop GP-A Racing Tires Can be delivered to Calgary or Edmonton. Matt