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    2022 Rule Discussion

    I like Owen's idea on the Air vests, and incentive is a great way to do it. I think the cost of the site is the biggest barrier, and when we can show how it pays for itself, that will definitely sway people on the fence. When you factor in the safety, I think its definitely worth it (P.S I don't...
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    Gaerne race/road boots GP1 SOLD!

    Sold. Admin can delete listing if they want
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    Gaerne race/road boots GP1 SOLD!

    My spare race boots Super comfy Fits true to sizing US 9 EU 43 $230
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    Ninja 300 and Chuckwalla

    Unfortunately some employers have their own guidelines, and still require 2 weeks quarantine. :(:(:(
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    2020 Race Numbers

    Correction: #1 should be Ryan Boddy
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    New Award for 2018- Most Outstanding Racer

    Could we have some input from the Execs please. What does it take to create a Sean Henderson award? I'm willing to donate money toward a nice floating trophy that can be awarded each year.
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    New Award for 2018- Most Outstanding Racer

    I may not be racing anymore, and definitely won't win this award, but i think it would be good to rename it "The Sean Henderson" award. If not re-naming this award, then make an Award called "The Sean Henderson" award, and fill the criteria with something that Sean brought to the EMRA. Racing is...
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    2018 Rule Change Discussion

    Lots of good points brought up... What about getting one person from each class needing to be gridded on points to do up the grid fro a race weekend. And giving that responsibility to someone else for the following weekend. Is it easy enough for the registration person to just email the points...
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    2018 Rule Change Discussion

    Regarding going to full qualifying times for grids... For those classes where the grids are done on a championship point basis, I understand it is manual, but those points situations are known weeks before race weekend, so they could then be done at leisure in the weeks leading up to race...
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    I agree with some of what you say... 1) Blue flags would be good..even with current system 2) Our fastest person (MZ) is ABSOLUTELY a match in a real series. Go look at some historical data from UTAH and Master of the Mountains - won championships there too, and had lap records. 3) Other clubs...
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    Hey guys, ZBMracing will be placing their final order for race fuel. We will NOT have any extra tins at the race track, so if you would like some race fuel for double header - please email or Private message me. Order will go in today. [email protected] Thanks
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    Dunlop tires EMRA 2017

    Agree with Mike, Scott was a great addition to EMRA racing, and I hope no-one buys his RSV so he has to race it! Thanks for the years of Service Scott!
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    Gen 2 SV650 for track bike?

    Pirelli are a great tire at track, and have track side support with Max (FTR) Also have track records for the club at 1000 and 600 level - And i think Mike Z knows his tires pretty well
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    Blanket rule has advantages of keeping things simple and predictable I'm sure some of the old Snell 2010 helmets are more protective than the new Snell 2015 anyway. Think the club just needs to ensure no new safety measures are overlooked- and from what I've read there aren't any major new...
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    2017 rule change discussion

    Clarity on rule change please... Which helmet ratings will be allowed in 2017 on wards (I know it is Snell 2015, but some manufacturers do not do Snell rating - AGV specifically, which rating will be allowed) Thanks
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    600 vs 1000

    Nope! Szoke 1:17.999 was Saturday Superbike race 1, lap 5 Qualifying was 1:17.714 Their laps actually quickly drop off from their fastest to mid 1:18, and then 1:19. But still, their fastest - is FAST Current EMRA times would put our number #1 plate holder (Mike Zottmann) on front row - 3rd...
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    600 vs 1000

    Yes, but that was qualifying (low tire pressure for added grip - only good for 1-2 laps) Still an amazing time though, take nothing away from that. But feel race times are more accurate and comparable.
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    600 vs 1000

    If you look at Nationals fastest times - Not qualifying! Race times! 1000's - J.Zsoke 1:17.999 1000's J.Christie 1:18.7 1000's K.Reidman 1:18.3 600's - K.Reidman 1:20.3 600's - J.Christie 1:20.6 I think 1.5-2.0max seconds - taking out as many variables as possible (Experience on...
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    Turn 1 Barriers - Safety Issue

    Thats what I like to hear! Let us know if you need help with anything!
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    Turn 1 Barriers - Safety Issue

    When was the last meeting with Castrol held, and what was said or decided. How do we find out? What do they need in order for this to happen? I feel we should remain proactive on this, before too much snow falls. I know cnr 1 was a big deterrent to National riders wanting to come back, so moving...