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  1. kawasaki

    Alpinestars Missile Ignition Suit

    Suit was new this spring Size 50/60 Tech air compatible Never crashed I just can’t get it stretch enough to breathe with the air vest in it Fits me good with a back protector 900$
  2. kawasaki

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Seems like it a common rule elsewhere
  3. kawasaki

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    I also support the formula 108 proposal
  4. kawasaki

    WTB CBR300 race bike

    I am hoping to buy a CBR 300 with race body etc Anyone thinking of selling one please let me know
  5. kawasaki

    2003 GSX 750 - race/track bike

    Bike Nice to see my paint job still on one piece with no scratches
  6. kawasaki

    ***July 23 EMRA Track Attack/OTP Race school PICS***

    pics Some really great pics as usual. Thanks so much to Alanna for braving the mosquitoes all summer.
  7. kawasaki

    Nasty accident at Mission on Sunday

    good to hear that chris is going to get looked after. I felt really bad for Tim being right behind like that and seeing the whole thing close up. On th WMRC forum he has posted that his dad is already up and walking around the hospital room to start rehad early. At this point I was not worried...
  8. kawasaki

    Nasty accident at Mission on Sunday

    Crash I just met Randy and his son Tim this weekend at the trackday and practice day and they are great people. Best of luck with quick recovery Randy. Hey just to let everyone know our own Chris Black #2 had a nasty high side on saturday and went to hospital in Abbotsford. I heard he had a...
  9. kawasaki

    Opinions on clip-ons

    Get woodcraft Matt. The bars are longer and the angle is adjustable which allows you to customize the angle for what is most comfortable for you and the extra length gives more leverge to make turning easier on you. Also spare bars are all of 20 bucks and all the bars fit in all the clipons so...
  10. kawasaki

    Endurance Race 2011

    The cost is definetley the factor that keeps most people out. I love the race and have placed two out of three times entering however my wife hates it because of the cost and we all know that at the very end of the season trying to justify riding time to the spouse can be difficult. At the...
  11. kawasaki

    Pocket bike wanted

    that would be cool if it was for me. I am looking for the slowest possible for my 8 year old.
  12. kawasaki

    Pocket bike wanted

    Looking for used pocket bike 50cc and would like one of those elecric Honda replica pocket bikes. PM me if you have either or know where to find them cheap.
  13. kawasaki

    ^^^Round 6 PICS^^^

    Too bad she missed the one of me and number 6 litterally rubbing elbows and knees.
  14. kawasaki

    Aug 21 track day

    Hey what happened to the pics someone took on aug 21 track day?
  15. kawasaki

    Looking to contact Todd Mclean (Royce's father)

    tires does your e-mail work Todd? I sent you an e-mail yesterday.
  16. kawasaki

    EMRA Track Attack June 13, 2010

    Pics Hey that first pic of me is awsome! Thanks for taking such good pics.
  17. kawasaki

    2010 Race School Schedule

    Don't worry about the snow today. Sat and Sunday are expected to be mid teens for temp and possible rain on sunday, but the track often seems to avoid rain even if it is raining in Edmonton.
  18. kawasaki

    Online Registration

    Thanks Todd, I will keep an eye open for updates.
  19. kawasaki

    Online Registration

    Has anyone had any luck registering for May 15-16? The registration page has may 1-2 and two unknown numbers. Any answers?:confused:
  20. kawasaki

    WTB - Honda 600 wheels

    I don't think the question is whether or not the price is too high but whether or not you can find a straight set of wheels for that old bike at all. Did you specify scratched ones for racing Rick? hahaha