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  1. Paul Macdonell

    Tech air interest

    Since buying one I have to wonder why I ever had a reserve about making the purchase. Ultimately it is cheap insurance. Nobody likes the thought of going down but our winters are too long to be laid up all summer. In some cases an air vest might be the reason you don’t leave in an ambulance...
  2. Paul Macdonell

    Picture Plaques 2021:

    I guess I just felt the need to clear the air.
  3. Paul Macdonell

    Picture Plaques 2021:

  4. Paul Macdonell

    Picture Plaques 2021:

    Paul “Macdonell”…has a little d:(
  5. Paul Macdonell

    First EMRA Newsletter

    Pretty awesome guys. This was a great idea!
  6. Paul Macdonell

    Growing the Sport

    The other day I shared the announcement for Race School registration to all of Grande Prairie’s local bike groups(sport bikes, dirt bikes, touring groups, you name it). I do this with every official EMRA post. In the past I’ve offered up any help possible from parts, gear, transportation...
  7. Paul Macdonell

    08 CBR1000RR *SOLD*

    Lol maybe I’ll get a chance to try it out, I think my buddy is pretty set on it
  8. Paul Macdonell

    08 CBR1000RR *SOLD*

    Where’s this located? I have a friend interested?
  9. Paul Macdonell

    May 16 2019 Track Setup

    I’ll be there!
  10. Paul Macdonell

    May 16 2019 Track Setup

    I can’t get off work in time to help with set up for 5-6:00pm but I can help with set up/take down any time over the weekend if you guys need a hand with anything.
  11. Paul Macdonell

    ‘06 Yamaha R6 Superstock Motor

    2006 R6 Superstock motor $1000.00 obo
  12. Paul Macdonell

    Bauce Racing R6 ECU with a FTECU ECU Based Quickshifter

    Bauce Racing flashed ECU for 2008+ R6 with FTECU ECU Based Quickshifter(GP shift) with shift rods. Mapped for full Graves exhaust but will work for others. The mapping for the Graves exhaust is spot on. $600
  13. Paul Macdonell

    WTB starter race bike

    I have an R6 I would say you would be very pleased with as a race ready bike
  14. Paul Macdonell

    Race ready R6

    *Clean Title* $7500 Thinking about selling to upgrade. Race/track ready bike plus all spare parts I have. Engine: • 07 motor build to 08+ supersport YEC spec (YEC rod bearings, YEC oil pump, decked head, ape cam...
  15. Paul Macdonell

    ISO HardNox April 5-6th at Area 27 ticket

    Still looking for either day
  16. Paul Macdonell

    ISO HardNox April 5-6th at Area 27 ticket

    I missed a chance to buy a ticket for this so I thought I’d put the message out early just incase. If anyone is unable to attend April 6th I would be happy to buy your ticket from you. Thanks.
  17. Paul Macdonell

    Letter of resignation

    For what it’s worth, your dedication was certainly noticed. Both of the race weekends I attended you appeared to do very well keeping things organized and still being able to get some track time inbetween.
  18. Paul Macdonell

    Airfence deposit credits - last chance

    I’m free to give a hand Friday night if you guys still need help.
  19. Paul Macdonell

    Area 27

    Awesome thanks! some