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  1. Cinder

    Motorsportreg issue

    yes, I removed my CC info and re-add... all work after
  2. Cinder

    Motorsportreg issue

    Anyone else has a postal code error when trying to pay the race license on MSR ?
  3. Cinder

    2014 1199S panigale

    2014 1199S Panigale new engine full Ohlins electronic suspension update rear shock linkage extra set of wheels Tuneboy fuel management system auto-blip & quickshifter Woodcraft brake guard GB racing engine cover Zapracing chain guard SATO racing slider new radiator Febur oil cooler ceramic...
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    Track Voucher

  5. Cinder

    WTB: 2015-2019 Yamaha R1 race parts

  6. Cinder

    WTB: 2015-2019 Yamaha R1 race parts

    Looking for 2015-2019 Yamaha R1 race parts pm or call 780-660-278FIVE Dom
  7. Cinder

    2009 - 2014 Yamaha r1 Hotbodies bodywork

    would it fit a 2016 R1 ?
  8. Cinder

    Complete Race Package, you provide the Tow Vehicle.

    would you sell the GPS Laptimer with Track Mapping/Trace ? I sent you few PM but no answer from you
  9. Cinder

    2020 Rule Change Discussion
  10. Cinder

    Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer Award

    I nominate Mark Armstrong, always there on & off the track helped me when my toy hauler broke down/spent 5 hours fixing it so i can attend last round.
  11. Cinder

    WTB 600cc race bike

    2008 Daytona 675R for sale with all Ohlins suspension...lookup my post in for sale forum
  12. Cinder

    Castrol track modifications/photos

    even with that we still found gravel and grass on the track from mistake been made entering that corner... it's dangerous and no room to play/mistake. i found it stupid but hey, that's just me
  13. Cinder

    Castrol track modifications/photos

    the only thing in that track that i hate with a passion is that non-sense bus-stop... i get it, were cooking too hot for turn 3 and castrol wont fix it properly. That been said, i don't know who's bright idea to put speed bump on the exit of it make it even more dangerous. this should be...
  14. Cinder

    Castrol track modifications/photos

    now that changes has been made to #3... is that bus stop going away ?
  15. Cinder

    Castrol track modifications/photos

    changes made to the stupid bus stop ? looks wider entrance ?
  16. Cinder

    Travel Insurance for Racing/Tips and Tricks for riding The Ridge in Seattle Like Shane said, world med B with hazardous activities and if you have work insurance... check if they do air or ground ambulance
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    AGM Attendance

    me too
  20. Cinder

    2019 Rule Change Discussion

    We need to revamp the race schedule ( we have the same since Startotech ) It will be good to see change... I'm taking the race schedule from UtahSBA as an example...practice in morning and race in pm both days and important qualification just before lunch when it getting hotter. Doing race in AM...