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  1. Adam12

    Ninja 300 and Chuckwalla

    It has not since November 2020. I’ve been on the border testing program which is only available in Alberta. Two day quarantine to wait for results. If negative then you are good. If positive then yes, 2 week quarantine...
  2. Adam12

    Ninja 300 and Chuckwalla

    Anyone want to track/race a 300 at Chuckwalla? I have a spare, unused bike that’s just sitting in the trailer.
  3. Adam12

    Spare transponder

    It’s been requested for Round 5,6.
  4. Adam12

    x2 transponder update.

    Weird. Last time I update was July 17 and no updates since.
  5. Adam12

    Spare transponder

    i have a spare transponder valid till November. Let me know if you need one and I can lend for a race weekend.
  6. Adam12

    Young Rider - Beginner Bike

    My son started on a ninja 300 when he was 13 and 5’7” and about 100 pounds. Great bike and he enjoyes it when riding.
  7. Adam12

    Looking for swingarm Kawi ZX6R 636 2009-2017

    looking for swingarm for a 2009-2017 Kawasaki zx6r 636. Cosmetics ok, but no structural damage.
  8. Adam12

    Race school schedule

    What does the schedule for race school look like? Especially on Friday.
  9. Adam12

    April 21-24 Thunderhill

    ahoy I am going to Thunderhill for April 21-24. Plan is leaving early morning on April 19 and coming back April 26. It will be through Keigwins. First two days is West course, the two last days are Ken Hill school on East course. If you are interested please check pricing and details on...
  10. Adam12

    Aftermarket rims

    Do you mean not permissible With EMra? Check Rules and Goatse’s post.
  11. Adam12

    Aftermarket rims

    Buy wheels from BMW. If over past 10 years technology has sky-rocketed and BMW build a chassis, swing arm and wheels for HP4, it seems they should be fine.
  12. Adam12

    Tire warmers

    Thanks Neil.
  13. Adam12

    Tire warmers

    Does anyone have front tire warmer for sale (120 size)?
  14. Adam12

    Small back protector to buy

    Does anyone want to get rid of a small or ladies-sized back protector ( 400mm)?
  15. Adam12

    corner 1

    Does it mean that the radius of the turn will be increased but the bump will remain? Is this perhaps phase one and eventually something will be done with the bump itself; shave it, dig it out and fix it or move the inside of the corner to cover the bump?
  16. Adam12

    Oregon Raceway Park

    I am going this weekend to ORP for the first time. For anyone who has gone, might you have any advice about things to watch out for, surprises or tricky spots?
  17. Adam12

    Ninja 300 pit bull restraint pins

    Does anyone have just the pins for the restraint for a ninja 300?
  18. Adam12

    Rain Tires

    Thanks. Uncertainty is the mother of so many problems. I am going to see new q3's do this weekend in the rain and wet. Also it'll give me chance to chat up those that will be riding on rains.
  19. Adam12

    Rain Tires

    I suppose it is the confidence factor. I am in intermediate in the the dry. Its just that I have been reading a lot about street tires and a rainy track. for example RS10s are suppose to be atrocious in the rain, yet I have seen riders with knee down on q3's in the rain. When would you...
  20. Adam12

    Rain Tires

    Ahoy Folks. I am making a transition to dedicated track tires for my dual purpose bike. I am running Pirelli DR2s for street and will get q3s on the track rims and hopefully graduate through various tires to gain some fact based opinions which at times are difficult to find on the internet. I...