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    Yup! Jayson and I will certainly try to make that round!
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    I'm already here, but will be missing the Mission WCC rounds due to prior commitments.
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    Gate Fee Question

    With the WMRC, we sell the gate pass with our licenses. The back of our race licenses have "Gate Pass 2014" on the back. We show the gate worker our license and it gets us in. Our licenses are laminated, so it prevents people from just adding it.
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    Fabrication services and broken race bits repair.

    Super nice looking work Ryan! Wish I was closer. I'll save stuff up I wreck this year for a winter make over.
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    race schedule

    I think it's good. I race middleweight twins before lunch, have lunch, then race formula thunder after. Works just fine for me ;)
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    New development at castrol

    AMB and Tag Heuer timing systems are the norm. They both use the same loop and almost the same transponders. However, you guys have the cheapest system to run with Zoomius RFID. It will be interesting to see how it works with a wider track.
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    WCC Transponder rentals

    Just to let all visiting riders know that you should be reserving your transponder rental with MSpeed Performance prior to coming out to Mission. There is a *very* limited number of rentals in the pool, and once they are gone, they are gone. Transponder sharing will not be an option with our...
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    Chris, that was a very unfortunate accident, but also happened in a very strange place, along the straight. I'm not trying to make light of the situation, but that was not a dangerous spot, and it was a combination of bike, damper, and rider experience that all contributed to that incident, and...
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    Race Number Reserve List (2014)

    You know Todd, it goes without saying that if you are ever going to retire...:D
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    Nationals in Edm?

    I'm in! Who wants to sponsor my ride? :D
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    Awful, just awful

    I'm okay with that number scheme. I kinda like the green.
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    Calgary Track - Update/Link Info

    LOL! I'm just sad that Alberta has Castrol and TWO other proposed tracks, and we can't even get behind one new one. At least we don't have snow here ;)
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    Calgary Track - Update/Link Info

    sadly, Area 27 is looking to be more of a semi-private track. They have a very poor financing and membership model at the moment.
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    Garage sale

    Not bad prices. Too bad I live so far away.
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    2014 EMRA Rule Changes

    Justin FTW with the proper perspective on this!
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    Ronin Motorcycle Works

    Best of luck Doug! See you at the Mini races as well!
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    Dion Device Brake Lever Guards

    Shane, I'd be down for a set. Bring em up for the WCC weekend in Vancouver :)
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    2014 EMRA Rule Changes

    Holy crap, that was a long post. Sorry.
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    2014 EMRA Rule Changes

    Shane, that's a very loaded question, and *is* a sore point with our club. I'll try to answer it as best as I can, but my answer can sound harsh to some. I won't try to be politically correct with this answer, and will tell it straight. Does having people help with setup or tear down for a...
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    2014 EMRA Rule Changes

    I'm just subscribing to watch this. As a member with a vested interest in both clubs, this is a very interesting thread. Just to put out a few points. If you cannot make setup or teardown, plan on people really resenting that. They sacrifice time to do this too. If you are from out of...