03-05 R6 who races one?


Hi all,

So i have been out to 3 track days now (i have to miss july 1-2 :( )

Anyhow i am now hooked and want to make a track bike so i done mess up my 09'

so goes the question who races them? i cant affored buying a 06+ and turning into track bike, and lets face it, we all like working on our own bikes.

I have sound some 05's on kijiji for around 5 grand (will try to pay less)

Will this be a alright bike for my first track bike? also if so what are some of the first things i should do other then race plastics?

Thanks guys, i cant wait to get out there with you all again.


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off the top of my head, case gaurds are mandatory, the race fairings, and fully race wiring the bike. i think for the most part other than those items the rest are things that would just be nice to have. things like clip ons and rear sets, things that can be easily replaced if you do go downget some sliders and stuff to help prevent as much damage as possible if or when it does happen. tires, brake lines and good pads etc.
and im sure there will be a lot more mentioned John.
If it were me I would do the brake pads and upgrade the lines first after all the must do requirements are met. Everything else is nice to have until you get fast or crash.

As for the year of the bike there is nothing wrong with an older bike in fact I would recommend cutting your teeth on one. You don't feel so bad throwing it away in the gravel....:D


Awesome, also willing to buy a track bike if anyone has one for around 5k im also willing to pay more (around 7) if there is other track items like warmers tent, powerplant..... i would like to keep things cheap (as we all do) and as a new track rider am not ready to start putting out mad money (yet) i would like to have my truck paid off before then..... then its a garage full of bike, parts, tools, and everything else us guys are told to sell when she cant park the car in the garage anymore hahaha


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As a heads up, case guards are NOT mandatory for doing track events, just for sanctioned racing (which will be where this addiction leads). The 05 R6 is still a competent machine, just be aware of high mileage units as Yamaha transmissions are fragile.
First option is to get a set of race plastics and frame sliders. Good tires are worth their weight in gold, then grab a set of braided steel lines and better pads for improved brake feel.
That's the best way to start. Once your hooked on going to the track, you'll figure out your next set of upgrades from those you meet up and chat with.
Welcome to the addicting world of crack, errrrr track.


If you haven't already, I'd check out the classifieds here on the forum, as well as on the CMRA and WRMC forums. Usually used race bikes are a bit cheaper than bikes off Kijiji, with the added bonus that they're (usually) track ready.


The CMRA doesnt have any (they have 2) and going out to B.C. if not in the budget right now..... would be possible is i was already going out that way.

The one bike that is in my price range and i bike i "would" consider is the 04 R6 on our forum.

Dont know much about it and would need pictures but at least at that price i could ride it into the ground and the money i saved pick up other track supplies haha.


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I think Rick Newcombe may still have his old CBR600F3 good bike great price. Pirelli red stripe tires will last a long time and let you save money for racing.


On Thursday i picked up a 03 R6 that is basically track ready, came with parts engine, 4 sets or take offs, spare "NEW" plastics, spare wheels F & B , box of parts, and stands Got it for 1800.

Needs a little TLC but nothing a weekend and case of beer cant fix i don't think.