06 gsxr 600 gearing


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I personally, like 47 tooth on the rear, and 15 in the front. (i think its 15, one down from stock. lol) Same bike.



You'll get by with it. Once you're accustomed to the track if you're gearing is off a bit it will bother you.

Just spend the 60$ and set it up properly...imo. You're going to be annoyed if that becomes the difference in picking the guy off in front of you :)

Strato is really small and you can gear a 600 pretty freakin steep.


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I also have 15 and 47. That's what was recommended to me by svracingparts and its been working great.


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Thanks guys for the help. Think I will swap the rear sprocket to 47t and start with that.

:) Hi, Let me know if you decide to go with the 47t I have them in stock here for our bikes, and can get one out to you right away,

They are Black Hard Anodized many riders at Stratotech have successfully run and won on them from me,

Let me know,

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,