1990 FRZ400


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Have decided to fire sale this 1990 FZR400 for $1,000.
This bike has not run since 2011 but has been properly stored and you'll see below there was lots done to it before it was put away.
It has a 17 inch rear wheel conversion (Honda F2 rear wheel and FZR1000 axle installed with machining of wheel and hub completed by Trillion in Calgary) but, the rear brake install is not complete. If you wanted to run the 17 inch rear wheel you would need to install the rear brake caliper and also rebuild it (it's a Honda single piston caliper). There is lots of information on how to install the rear brake caliper on the internet, by welding a caliper track onto the inside of the swingarm. There are other ways as well. Otherwise, it has the OEM 18" rear wheels that could be reinstalled.


- 1990 model - so has the deltabox aluminum swingarm (rather than steel like '88/'89) and four piston front calipers ('88/'89 were two piston)
- refreshed motor with new crank and rod bearings and other pieces as needed (work performed by Vass Performance in Carstairs), O hours since work was done in 2011.
- Ohlins shock with adjustable ride height (did I mention the 17" rear wheel conversion ;)
- Race tech springs/emulators, forks serviced when bike was stored
- Yosh header/can (can repacked when bike was stored)
- new Beasley bodywork, c/w rattle can paint job (oops - you'll want to repaint that ...)
- new front and rear sprocket and new DID ERV 520 chain
- new Factory Pro emulsion tubes and jet kit
- Factory Pro shift kit
- Woodcraft rear sets and clip ons with spares, the new ones are on it
- two sets of stock wheels, one with aging BT 090 front and rear tires and one with aging set of rains. These tires should be replaced.
- new brake disks on one set of OEM wheels, other set of OEM wheels has good disks
- 17" rear wheel has new bearings and disk
- new braided steel front brake lines, new front master cylinder
- Scitsu tachometer, electronic temp guage
- Daytona steering damper (rebuilt before bike was stored)
- Has various spare bits and things.
- New set of 17" tires (I recall they are Dunlop race tires)

Bike is located in Calgary.
Hopefully someone wants to race it or it could be a cool track day bike.