2000 Yamaha R6 Racebike $900 OBO

We bought this track bike off a racer to do trackdays on instead of my streetbike. Race prepped and safety wired. The catch, and the reason the price is $900 OBO, is I left home for school 6 years ago and this bike has been sitting in my parent's garage ever since, so its gonna need some TLC.
What the bike has that I'm aware of:
- Race tech springs front and back
- After market handle bars, grips, levers, and rear pegs.
- Ignition and unnecessary electrical/lights removed. Switch ignition.
- Steering Damper
- Steel braided lines
- Spare parts: set of spare fairings, rims, pegs, levers, and a whole box of other parts.
- new clutch plates only 2 track days on them
I don't have time to get it running again so I'd rather this bike get sold to someone for cheap than turn into a lawn ornament so I'm open to offers
Call or text: 5879883796
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Jeez a battery, fresh oil and brake fluid, suspension service and maybe some new spark plugs and someone has a cheap race bike to get into the sport. Good luck with the sale!