2010 Pirelli Race & TrackDay Tire Pricing

Dragon Supercorsa Pro: starting at $299/set + tax
These tires were developed in World Supersport and are great tires for the budget conscious racer. We will be carrying very limited stock of these, so if you want to ensure we’ve got them for you on race day, pre-purchase through http://www.accelerationracing.com. You’ll also receive free mounting & balancing if you purchase this way!

Dragon Supercorsa Pro Trackday: starting at $299/set + tax
This is a *NEW* tire for 2010 that is produced for those track day enthusiasts that don’t want to sacrifice grip, while at the same time want great mileage out of their tires.
We will not be carrying these tires to the race weekends, unless pre-ordered through our website http://www.accelerationracing.com .

Diablo Supercorsa: starting at $400/set + tax
These are the DOT tires that racers around the world have grown to love. If you serious about fast lap times and/or want the best traction & feel Pirelli have to offer in a DOT treaded tire… this is the one for you. Pirelli is also introducing a *NEW *SC1 front & *NEW* SC3 rear that features new compounds that are more temperature resistant in their respective ranges.
We will be bringing to the track the SC1 & SC2 both front (120/70ZR-17) & rear (180/55ZR-17) in this ever popular tire. If you want to try SC0 & the NEW SC3 in these tires or a larger size for the bigger bikes (190/55ZR-17), please pre-order through http://www.accelerationracing.comand we will bring them to the track for you.

Diablo Superbike: starting at $410/set + tax
These are Pirellis best slick tires in both terms of traction and durability for our Canadian climate. In fact, some of these exact same tires are used by the lads in World Superbike… If they stick for the likes of Max, Troy, and Ben, I’m sure they’ll do the same for us! However, the big news is the new rear slick for the Superbike class. It is a 190/60R17 tire and adds the benefits of a 16.5” design without the extra cost of purchasing 16.5” rims. These new rear tires offer more edge grip, which translates directly to increased corner speeds & lap times.
We will be bringing to the track both SC1 & SC2 CDN Nat. Spec fronts & the NEW 190/60-17 rear in the SC1 & SC2 compounds which are also CDN Nat. Spec. Again, if you want the option to have another tire that we will not be bringing to the track, just pre-order it through http://www.accelerationracing.com and we will make sure we have it on the truck for you come race day.

Diablo Wet & Rains: starting at $410/set + tax
We will be bringing very select quantity of the SCR1 front (120/70-17) & rear (190/60-17) to the track, so if you want to be guaranteed you have at least 1 set of rains, the safe bet would be pre-ordering them through our website. You can also get intermediates there and various other sizes.

I hope this will help everyone finalize their budgets for 2010. If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Another great avenue to get loads of information about Pirelli tires is through http://www.diabloracer.com. This is a forum site dedicated to Pirelli race tires. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for there….. Houston, we’ve got problem………:eek:

I look forward to seeing everyone at the first race.