2021 Friday Evening Motorcycle Track Attack


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Registration for Friday evening Motorcycle Track Attacks is available now! We have a very exciting summer planned for riders of all skill levels. Super newb street riders to seasoned EMRA Expert racer, there is a group for you. The goal for these track days is to provide high quality, low cost track days, with the most track time available, in a safe environment. What does that mean? Well there's a few new things that need to be pointed out. For starters get here early. We will be kicking off riders meeting at 4:30pm, it will be short and sweet. The track goes live at 5pm and doesn't stop until 9pm or dusk. Last, there will be four groups, Novice street riders, Intermediate street riders, Advanced Street riders, Expert group for Racers. If circumstances allow, we might run three groups, if that is the case the organizers will bring that up at riders meeting. We will try our best to get everyone the most track time we can.

Here are a few basic rules and FAQ:

Motorcycle and Rider Requirements.

  1. Headlights, taillights, signals do not have to be taped up unless they contain glass.
  2. Glass headlights must be taped.
  3. Your bike must be in good mechanical condition.
  4. It should have NO fluid leaks.
  5. You do not have to change your engine coolant.
  6. Tires must be in good condition.
  7. All levers and controls must operate freely. Throttle must SNAP BACK to the off position when released.
  8. Brakes must function within recommended tolerances.
  1. Helmet rated for motorcycle track use (i.e. Snell M2010, ECE 22.05)
  2. 1 piece leather suits, or 2 piece leather suits that zip together are required. Most textile suits are acceptable only in Novice group.
  3. Must have proper motorcycle riding gauntlet style gloves that cover the wrist.
  4. Must wear motorcycle boots that cover above the ankle.
  5. All riders must attend the mandatory riders meeting prior to going on track.
  6. Absolutely no stunting on track or in the pits. This includes wheelies, stoppies or erratic riding.
  7. No stopping on the track unless a red flag dictates it.
  8. Never travel backwards on the race track unless you have been instructed to by an instructor during a red flag.
  9. When entering the track, you must wait for the instructor at the entrance to allow you to enter.
  10. Absolutely no drinking, or drugs during the track day.
  11. You must purchase an EMRA membership to participate in a Motorcycle Track attack.

Motorcycle Track Attack FAQ

What is your rain policy?
-We ride rain or shine.

What time do things start, what time should I be at the track?
-For Friday evening Motorcycle Track Attacks Registration opens at 4PM, MANDATORY riders meeting at 4:30PM.

What if I am late?
-If you miss the riders meeting you will not be able to ride until you attend one. You will have to wait until an instructor is available to go over the riders meeting rules with you.

Can spectators come watch?
-Yes of course, bring your friends and family.

What should I bring with me to the track?
-We highly recommend you bring chairs to sit on while you are not on the track, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and food to eat throughout the day. Bring your own fuel for your bike.

How much track time will I get?
-Motorcycle Track Attack Nights run from 5pm to dusk. There will be 4 riding groups with 15 minute sessions on track.

What riding groups will there be?
-There will be four groups, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert. Novice group is for first or second time riders with little track experience, or riders with the most relaxed riding pace. Intermediate group is for riders with some track experience that enjoy a faster pace. Advanced group is for the most experienced track riders that enjoy and can tolerate the fastest street riders and on track pace. Expert group is for licensed racers or formerly licensed racers. Instructors may be required for various reasons to adjust groups at any time, this is done for your safety and enjoyment.

What if I go off track and crash?
-You must visit the ambulance. Once you have medical clearance you may begin riding on the track again. Your personal health is extremely important to us. An instructor must inspect your bike for safety before going back out on track.

What is the parking policy?
-Due to the limited amount of parking space, you must carefully park your vehicle and trailer in an appropriate spot, depending on your tow vehicle and trailer, please see the paking map and a parking attendant/instructor upon arrival at the track. Trailers over 20' in length PM me for priority parking. Please follow all instructions and be respectful.

Is there a sound limit?
-Yes Stratotech Raceway has a 93db at 100' noise limit that will be strictly enforced.

What is you minimum age?
-Minimum rider age is 16 years old and requires a parent/legal guardian to sign a waiver.

Last but not least, here is the link to purchase your spots now: