2022 Motorheads Contingency Program!!!!


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Motorhead’s 2022 contingency program

Motorheads will be continuing our contingency plan that will provide racers the opportunity to win cash they can put towards Motorheads Track days. If you are interested in entering and winning the funds, please follow the instructions below, and be registered to become eligible.

How it works.
Motorheads Track Attacks will be doing pay outs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes for one select race per round in the EMRA race season.

How to become eligible.
In order to be eligible for the 2022 Motorheads Track Attacks contingency you must be a paid customer at one or more of the Motorheads Motorcycle track day events in 2022 and you must have a Motorheads logo sticker somewhere highly visible on your bike.

How races are selected and who is eligible.
At EMRA race rounds one contingency race will be selected through random draw and announced on Motorheads Track Attacks social media and during riders meetings at each round. That race will be the race that is selected for the prize pay out. Contingency is only offered for Intermediate and Expert level races.

Pay outs.
Pay outs will be as follows:
1st place $60
2nd place $40
3rd place $20
The pay outs will be given to eligible winners in the form of Motorheads dollars valid for Motorheads products.

How to redeem Motorhead dollars.
If you have win Motorhead dollars you can simply go on the Motorheads website (www.motorheadsta.com) and purchase any Motorheads events or product with your Motorheads dollars discount code. You have till the end of the 2023 season to redeem any contingency won in 2022.

We are excited to bring a contingency plan back to the EMRA!

Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram @MotorheadsTrackAttacks for all the latest news and info from Motorheads.

Check out the website www.motorheadsta.com to purchase a Track Attack and register yourself for this contingency program.


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