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Questions, concerns, and expectations are fair and useful for improving the world we live and play in. Six months ago I was as pessimistic as anyone, but the progress since then has been very encouraging.

The track is in place, safety concerns are being addressed and I'm sure the amenities will follow.

Long live motorcycle roadracing in the Edmonton region!


Speaking of being "ready" is there any feedback on the staging\parking area? Are we supposed to pit in the paved staging area south of the drag strip entrance, or the grassy area to the east? What about leaving gear setup/camping in trailers etc?

having spent a season with the sports car club @ Castrol, we have found it to be a busy place with many events going on at the same time and into the evening, and the are spectators walking around in all areas even after dark,,..i,m not aware of anything large going amiss , but for a broom or 2 being left out at a corner station, so we pack everything away at days end and reset the stations again in the morning, as i have mentioned before the is no shop/warehouse to go and get something or store it overnight and no Dan to go and find something you need, if the club does not bring it you wont find it.....the Dragsters are #1 there and they are sure to remind you of that, but if it rains then they leave and most things close washrooms/concessions etc.....we have had self cater on some weekends..