Do you need a mylaps subscription or just the transponder?


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Hi there,

Searched the rulebook as well as this forum but nothing came up. Getting ready for my first time out in a VERY long time and we didn't have transponders back then... Don't want anything stopping me from racing...

I purchased a used transponder and I'm wondering if you have to get a subscription as well? Is registering the transponder with enough?

I've added my transponder number to my bike in my garage on the registration page but have not bought a mylaps subscription yet.

Also a tip - if you are buying a used transponder I would suggest having the person you are buying it from remove the number from their account and add it to your own before you give them money. I didn't have an issue and the person I bought it from was awesome but someone else might not be as nice.


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If the transponder you purchased requires a subscription, then yes, you'll need an active subscription; otherwise the transponder won't work.


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Cool, light is flashing green and ready for racing! Was hoping that it would send a signal regardless if it had a subscription or not. Ah well, worth a try anyways. Thanks for the reply!


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If it is an x2 or their newer sub based one it will require the money grab. I mean subscription.