EMRA AGM Mechanics


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The mechanics of an AGM vote, here are some tips.
If you are planning on nominating someone for an executive (exec) position, you should first verify that the person you are nominating is OK with said nomination. Please do not nominate someone who is not or has not expressed interest. Nominations are NOT votes.....
The voting process will happen during the AGM. Details to follow.....
Membership notes: We have 303 currently active members in our club/society! That number breaks down to 135 racers, 168 Track Day Riders. Every single member has an equal voice, that is what the $40 membership gave you. Use it.......
On becoming a member of the exec: A non specific role/position is referred to as a "director" on the executive. Anyone who is a member in good standing can be nominated for "director". If you are passionate about motorcycle riding/racing and have "volunteer" time to give, the EMRA wants you! Make no mistake, its not always fun, its lots of work but it can be very fulfilling. Plus you get to see what goes into running this great club of "ours". Yes "ours"........
Feel free to post up any questions here and either myself or someone else will be happy to answer your questions.


Norbert, I have specific questions with regards to voting and "member in good standing". Specifically, will I be permitted to vote during these elections? I would like to participate


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Hi Ryan, I understand Brian W has contacted you and this item is closed now. If this item is still open feel free to reach out to me.