Final Track Setup of 2019! Thursday, September 5th


EMRA Executive Member
This is it! The last setup and tear down of 2019! But before we celebrate, we actually have to do it.
Last race weekend of the year is here! Try not to think about it till after though as I’m sure it’s tough to race with tears in your eyes.

Have you STILL not earned your air-fence deposit back? Seriously?!?! You know it’s just a deposit and not a fee, right? Want to prove us wrong in thinking that it’s required? Come help setup the track!!!!!!!

Please read the info below........
The marked location is the best place to park for access.

Date: Thursday, September 5th, 2019
Time: Arrive between 5:00pm and 6:00pm
(We understand that it is hard to make it out early after work. The earliest you can is appreciated.)

Please stop at the gate and let them know that you are volunteering with the EMRA. Parking as shown below means we do not disrupt the drifters, keeping everyone happy and allowing us to keep setting up early. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE DRIFTING EVENT TO THE TRACK ENTRANCE. We will meet in corner 1 around 5:00 and get going, if you don't see us we might be loading up the trailer on the return road. Check in with Eric or Sean when you get there and we will take your names down for refunds. Remember it is up to you to make sure we have your name written down! If you don’t see us do it, stand over our shoulder until we do!


Thanks to everyone who comes out to help, and endless thanks to those who are repeatedly out there with us! And especially those that have drug their friends and family out and forced them into slave labour!