FS: '04 Yamaha R6, race ready


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I'm selling my R6. I've been told that I can only have one track bike this year, and it won't be this one.
I'm asking $3,200.

I bought the bike from a club member last winter and raced 3 rounds this past year in novice. So, the bike meets all the club rule requirements. It's a great, easy bike to ride and competitive in many categories of our club, even beyond novice (trust me, I'm not selling because I've "outgrown" the bike).

11,000ish km, repaired and repainted body work. It had been down before I bought it, and I added some character by dropping it and denting my newly installed exhaust. However, everything is straight and true.
It worked perfectly for me and was way cheaper than setting up a road bike from scratch.

It came with:
  • steering damper
  • Willie Vass tuned forks
  • gear indicator
  • pirelli slicks (two race weekends of use)
  • 520 chain and 49T rear sprocket
  • braided brake lines
  • rear stand
I added:
  • Motion Pro starter/kill switch and quick turn throttle with new grips
  • folding/adjustable levers
  • antigravity light battery
  • vortex rear sets
  • k&n air and oil filters, powercommander 3 USB, Driven block off plates
  • healtech quick shifter
  • competition werkes GP exhaust
  • spare rear wheel and sprocket, another set of pirelli slicks (2 race rounds) and a set of battlax rs10 (one race round and race school lapping)
  • racing brake pads (not yet installed)
I'm keeping my tire warmers and front stand from the pic. I'll be removing the QStarz lap timer and replacing the dion device brake guard with the one originally installed on the bike; otherwise everything listed above, in the pic and in the video is included. (I'm keeping my number, too ;) )
If you have questions, fire away.

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I'm doing up the ol' panigale for track only. It's hard to ride that bike for fun on the road and not be constantly looking over your shoulder worrying about the fuzz.
Congrats on the promotion to expert, good work.


Good choice man. I think I called that one that u would quit the street.

Thanks dude next year should be interesting