Help! Stolen Race Bikes and everything that goes with it.

Blip Bleep

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To All my Fellow racers and Volunteers and everyone that can help All of my race gear including trailer and truck have been stolen! As you know Round one is next weekend so my trailer was fully stocked with everything I need to build/rebuild both Bikes.

2000 Ford F250 with a Canopy
2020 Alcom Stealth 7X12 aluminum enclosed Trailer
2009 Kawasaki Zx6R
2015 Yamaha R3

Stolen From Edson Alberta, between 10PM last night and 6AM today.

If anything is found please call the Edson Police @ 1-780-723-8800. Police file # 2022830395

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Time for me to go shed a few tears as I make my list for the police knowing most of this won't be covered by insurance.



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Blip Bleep

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I am told the truck has been found. Bu the trailer with everything has not yet.

the trailer is unique as it has 6" of extra height. and the marker light on the passenger side doesn't work.

Alcom stealth 7x12 enclosed aluminum trailer.