Looking for 300cc race ready bike


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I'm looking at getting into racing and am looking for a bike. Preferably one I can hop on and ride. I'm looking for 300cc bike.

Greg Taylor

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if you are still looking I have a Honda CBR250 race ready. New chain, sprockets, front forks redone, rebuilt rear R6 shock ( suspension work done in July this year by Vass performance $1400.00). Motor was done by Motts Machining in Edmonton and engine bored out to 320. Uses race gas. I use uv-4 but anything over 100 octane it likes, M12 even better. Have extra new slicks if you want, some extra parts(new and old) and race stands. Finished 3rd in the light weight championship on the bike and 4th in the light weight superbike. looking for $3500.00 for everything except slicks. $400 extra for the new slicks.