May Track Photos


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If anyone is interested in pics I will include a link to my portfolio. I have many more and I can look if I have a shots of you if you let me know what you were wearing/riding/number.


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Those are some sweet shots! Have any more of red 87? black, yellow and white gsxr! I was racing in novice for round 1.


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Hey, I'm interested in any photo's you have. #76 Red, dark green Honda with fluorescent yellow pin striping.
Lime Green Stripe on my helmet


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Great photos Jessie!
Novice class:
Red 63, red/white 07 CBR, matching helmet and suit.
Red 68, red/white/black 08 CBR, matching suit, flat black/gray/red helmet.
Can send pics of the bikes if it helps.
Please and thank you!
Can email, seanhofmeister at


Hey, do you have any of red 89, I have a red, black and white suit (mostly red), and ride a silver kawi 6r with black lower half; I raced intermediate 600ss and in sportsman. A very easy point to see my bike is the purple headlight shapes in the front of my bike.



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Great shots! If you have any of black #66, green/white bike, red leathers that would be awesome.



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Do you have any of red #311 in novice open, red / white / blue bike in the same colored leathers. It'd be greatly appreciated if you took a look.



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Wow thanks for the compliments and responses. I will start looking through what I have and get back to everyone asap. If I don't happen to have any of you feel free to send me a message from my portfolio contact link next time you are racing with a description of your bike and gear as I will be attending as many events as my time allows this summer.


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I will send private messages if I find any photos of you.
So far :
dstarchu - no
simpletty - no
haynesrocks- some of both bikes pm will be sent
Snak - 1 thats on my portfolio already and 1 additional pm will be sent
2quickrides - 1 of red 63/ send photo of other bike please pm will be sent
ehtaylor - 1 of 189 pm will be sent
SeanHenderson - some of 26 pm will be sent
Ride_Bikes - shot of you side by side with another bike but only in half frame pm will be sent
rpodgurney - few of you pm will be sent


Nice crisp frames!.. If you spot #32, black, grey with touch of white/red. Rode in senior open, int supersport, 112, int open sport bike, int open 600 super bike, int super bike; would be very appreciated if you took a look. Thank you. [email protected]