Motorheads Track Attacks!


EMRA Executive Member
Hello everyone!
you may have seen our announcement on facebook or instagram but here is something a bit more bike-focused.

Motorheads will be partnering closely with the EMRA, alongside OnTrack Performance riding school for the best rider training around. If you love track days this is your portal from coffee runs to championship chases, should you choose. We want to encourage the natural progression from street to track, daily driver to dedicated racer.

We plan to cater to a range of skills from those street riders scrubbing the edges of their tires to the expert level championship winning racers looking to tune their new race parts. With groups to satisfy every skill level of pilot, at affordable rates with expert coaching we guarantee you will take your abilities to the next great level.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in here and we will try to answer them this week. Otherwise as the conversation comes up at the AGM this weekend I hope to use that opportunity to cover all the questions our great members might have. One I have already received was about the EMRA race weekend dates, normally those would have been announced a month ago but the newest and most strict COVID restrictions meant we had to postpone the EMRA AGM meeting. At the AGM the proposed race weekend schedule will be presented and reviewed by everyone and we can vote on some specific details which depict if we have single headers, double headers, 5/6/7 round series, etc. Jon has all sorts of good ideas in place that will be discussed.

Pasted below is our public statement that we used to announce the new business. Please check out our website for more booking you track spots.

Motorheads Track Attacks:

Introducing Alberta’s newest thrills provider, Motorheads Track Attacks will be your gateway to the adrenaline highway starting in 2021.

Operating on at least two exciting race tracks in the Alberta region this group brings you the track day experience you all have come to know and love.

Our mission is to deliver the safest, most exhilarating and affordable ways to test the limits of your motorcycle or car on a closed race course.

If renewing your vehicle registration each year comes with a hefty price tag from traffic fines, bring your ride out to our car or motorcycle events and get your speed-fix on track. From beginners looking to drag knee or learn about race lines and hitting the apex every corner, to seasoned veterans itching to destroy some rubber. Be prepared to channel your inner Lewis Hamilton or Valentino Rossi.

Motorheads Track Attacks has been created for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts to give you the best motorsports outlet and experiences you can buy.

Check out our website or follow Motorheads Track Attacks on Facebook and Instagram for news, sign-up instructions, volunteer information and exciting giveaways.