New-ish at Edmonton


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Hi guys,

Lived a couple years in Edmonton a few years back and never heard of EMRA, this is awesome, I may be moving over there again and have a few questions.
In terms of weather, I remember rain was a thing during the summer, do you usually race under rain or wet track?
How's the bike market? currently have a zx636 and wondering if it's too much of a problem importing the bike (currently in Mexico but bought it in the US) or do you think is better selling it and buying another one once there?
What do you guys do the rest of the year since it's a short season?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Ulises,
Races happen rain or shine. That said, we've been really lucky the last few years and we haven't had even a full day of races in the rain. Edmonton weather is generally pretty good, with not a lot of rain. But this is definitely just luck of the draw if a given race weekend will have rain or not.

The used bike market in Edmonton is a little nuts right now. With COVID a lot of people have been buying bikes as one of the few activities that people can still enjoy even through the worst of the lock downs. As a result, used bike prices are very high. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to import your bike, but assuming it's not too costly, I would suggest bringing it with you.

As for other activities, that is quite varied. Many racers also dirt bike, as that season extends a couple months before and after race season. Some guys will even dirt bike through the winter. A lot of racers ski or snowboard, the Rocky Mountains have some of the best ski hills in the world.

I hope to see you out at the track next year.
Steve O'Brien