Not everything in 2020 sucked...


Back in March it sure didn't look like we were going to get to race this summer. Thanks to the hard work of the executive and volunteers, we did get to in the end and it was a fun season. This past season I rode a new to me bike, ran slicks for the first time, did more races than any of my previous seasons, and didn't crash (one little tip over in the gravel at turn one that I'm not really counting ;-) ).

So what was your best memory of the the 2020 EMRA season? Tell us a story about it and share a photo if you have one.

For me it was racing with Steven O'Brian in the Light-weight Superbike race at round 4. I'd set him up coming out of the turns only to have him pull away in the straights. I'd get right back up on him in the turns, ready to make my move and...there he goes... I never did get by him in that race, but man was it fun trying!!
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For me definitely going back to Stratotech and winning my first Superbike race on my new bike. Next year, definitely gonna go even faster.

2021 is gona be even better. We got all winter to plan and set up the best season yet at two great tracks. Still working on details and scheduling so I can't say too much. But I will say the planning just keeps on getting better and better. This will be the year to get into racing if you havet already, this will be the year to stay in it win a championship, try something new and this will be the year to make a come back if you haven't been racing recently. Something for everyone, like I said it's gona be good.


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2020 was my second full year of racing. I got my feet wet in 2019, so coming into 2020, I started honing my skills. I really like how there are so many different elements that go into turning a fast lap. There is always room to improve. In the last few rounds, I found myself competing with Scott Huber, which further added to racing excitement. I can't disclose much here, but the bike is undergoing performance improvements, so I just want to give Scott fair warning. I was just getting used to Castrol, and then when we switched over to Stratotech, I was apprehensive. I thoroughly enjoyed the track, and I'm looking forward to, hopefully, competing at both Castrol and Stratotech in 20201. Big shout-out to the exec and the volunteers for pulling off an outstanding 2020. I've been on non-profit executive boards for sporting clubs in the past, and I appreciate the amount of work it takes.


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2020 was a rough year on so many levels, being at the track was a nice reprieve from all of that for sure.
Highlight was even getting a chance to race due to some incredible friends making it happen. Turning laps at stratotech, somewhere many of us thought would never happen again I’m sure. watching students make strides in their riding is always a highlight as well.


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First year putting tire on a track, on any sort of vehicle. Was an awesome experience.
First time was the race school in may - less than 10 degrees and 40mm of rain. An interesting and cold day haha.
Tracked every opportunity that came up on my days off. It hooked me. Already purchased a race bike to start racing next year, got a trailer, all the fun stuff. Cory Crowe has helped me multiple track days at Stratotech and I owe a huge thanks to him.
Looking forward to 2021.


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Mine would probably be when I dragged Neil to Stratotech in the spring and we did laps around the track and talked about what would be required to bring it back to life, and realizing how possible it really was. Then our first race weekend there, with some of the exec team looking over at what we put together with the help of other executives and volunteers who came out, was pretty awesome.