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Hello, everyone!

As this is my first post, it's seems only appropriate to make an introduction..: Long time rider, - soon to be - first time racer. As such, I'll be taking part in this seasons race school, and subsequently, competiting as a novice. I'm a humble man, but try to be an ambitious one. As I try to learn and debase the naievety and ignorance I have within the sport, I'll say now that I greatly appreciate any advice and assistance that's ever given, and truly hope to return the favor some day. I'll be the black gsxr 750 on the grid, number 27. I look forward to meeting you all; thanks for having me.

Now, getting back to context..:

Wondering if there's a forum preferred tire supplier around the Edmonton area ( looking for a set of Pirelli Superbike Pros - red stripes), and who you'd recommend for tuning my suspension..?

Thank you!


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Max Ducap for Pirelli & Michelin
Scott Paras for Dunlop
Willie Vass for suspension tuning


for the pirellis, contact Max at Freight Train Racing. They are at every race and can install and balance them at the track for you.

i think just about everyone will tell you to go to vass for suspension (he is in carstairs i think?) I dont think ive heard any bad reviews about him.


From my time in Ontario, I've always used John Sharrard, owner and operator of Accelerated Technologies. The shipping will obviously be more than just within AB however, suspension work is all he does and from several personal experiences, he's very good at it. He is working on GSXR-600 forks right now.

I haven't used Willie recently however, my past experience (engine work, not suspension work) with him has been very positive.



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Hi Cam
Depending on what you want done to your suspension, there is vendors at the track that adjust and set up suspension too. Neil sets up bikes and sells a variety of goods, or at least he was last year. Nac is his username on this site I believe. If you want something rebuilt there is suggestions already.
I just do track days and volunteer, any racing advice will have to come from elsewhere! As a long time rider as well, I learned more last year at the track then the last 10 years on the road. Im sure you will have a great time at Castrol.
There can be limited food service available, unless lunch provided is stated it is best to bring some food. I fed a few surprised riders last year.


Thanks electro and blam! Freight trains' site isn't accepting orders and the number is stated as out of service. Suggest I should simply message Max on here for those Pirellis? Or would someone have a number to contact? ( looking for 120/180 super bike pros). Happen to know his username on here ? Thanks again!


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Hi Cam. We can get you fixed up with whatever you need. To purchase tires give max a call or text. 780-716-5610.
If you want suspension set up and any parts ypu might need give me a buzz.
If you have the budget and want some serious suspension work, John Sherrard is the most professional in Canada.