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There seems to be some discrepancy as to race finishes between the two apps. I did notice that in saturday middleweight twin/lightweight open there is a different result. Which is correct? The time sheets posted at the end of the race were the same as race hero. Thanks


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The SpeedHive live timing app seems to have some issues (doesn't handle duplicate numbers which happens with experts and intermediates on track at the same time), the RaceHero app seems to be more reliable, so we'll be using that for live timing going forward.

Official results get posted up to the MyLaps website though, and those results are accurate (though still provisional in case there are any protests submitted that have to be reviewed by the executive, after which changes could be made). Those can be found at:

Round 2

Round 3



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Nice work on the timing system updates Dave. I got drawn into "watching" some of the races on Race Hero this weekend.
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Now only if you could get it down to sector times, we could really see where we can improve :)
unfortunately, that would require a huge upgrade to the timing system and laying down loops all over castrol. i wish we had the funds for it.


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I love my star lane it does mapping and sector times but I don't think you'll find one for $400. Maybe $400 USD if you look real hard but more like $600 in Canada.


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Yeah, found the Lite for $400 but doesn't do mapping. $600 cdn for the full version with mapping. But good to finally hear from people who use them.


Is there a way I can see all my laptimes for everylap for the year on one page? I think I remember last year it could be done.