WTB: 2008-2010 GSXR 600/750 race bodywork


Looking for a used set of bodywork-must be in decent shape. Will consider new if the price is right. Also looking for an assortment of spare parts to get me through the season on an 08 750. Please feel free to let me know what you have.



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race parts

i have a complete set of wheels straight=500$
used bodywork:need some work=100$
ignition/quick shifter (GP style) like new=300$
pm/email me


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how about you list some of the parts you need? lots of people literally have buckets of parts that can help you out, OP.


Thanks for the replies guys.

Here's where I could use some advice. My track time has all been spent racing motards so I'm not entirely sure what I should have. At the moment, I have everything I need to race so I'm good until I fall down and break something..

My bike is mainly stock with a few aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket parts include bodywork, levers, clip on's, frame sliders, slip-on and case guards. I have extra brake discs, wheels, windscreens, grips and that's about it. I'd appreciate any suggestions bearing in mind that at my advanced age I have no misconceptions about winning a championship, my wife hates the fact that I'm still racing, and this is my first season on a real racebike. Your suggestions about spares are most welcome!


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Brake pads and foot pegs and safety wire. I also recommend teflon tape under the clutch and brake perches, ask the dirtbike guys why.