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    Brand new for 2018 the executive has got together and will be offering it's full time racers a Racer Access Pass. In the past the topics of membership cards, race license cards, and season gate passes have been brought up by members. The purpose of this card is to take care of all that for racers and provide them with proof of this they can take with them. It will be put to use every time a racer is at the track going through the gate. No more need to bring cash with you, just sign the waiver and collect the normal wrist band. Racing with another club usually means needing to provide proof of a race license, this card will also act as that. Together with our sponsors we have worked in various discounts racer holding the card may receive at dealerships. For example Alberta Cycle will offer card holder a 10% discount on most parts and accessories.

    In order to get your Racer Access Pass you must be a racer with their membership fee, race license fee purchased and you must also purchase a season gate pass. Follow the links below to purchase your Racer Access Pass. As an added bonus these fancy cards will also come with a matching fancy lanyard so you can show off to all your friends. We will starting to hand out the cards during the March 18th Air Fence Fund raiser, which will once again be held at the Provincial Pub.

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