2020 MotoGP Season Finale Airfence Fundraiser

Discussion in 'News' started by fast316, Nov 19, 2020.

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    Hey guys and girls, change of plans. What else is new [​IMG]. This whole pandemic hasn't been easy on the local restaurant industry and unfortunately The Provincial won't be able to host us this weekend. Luckily we have hooked up with Mercer Tavern! If you haven't been to Mercer Tavern prepare for a treat. A fantastic menu, huge drink selection, incredible spacious ambience, all in the heart of down town Edmonton. It doesn't get much better than that. Oh wait it does, we are gonna have the place pretty much to ourselves! They weren't even planning on being open this Sunday, but when they heard our call for help they offered to host. Lets all show them our appreciation. The guys from Motorheads Track Attacks will be raffling off a free Track attack for next season to get us all thinking about track season next summer! Don't forget, these fundraisers help make what we all do safer so lets make this a success. Standard social distancing rules apply, wear a mask, respect personal space, etc etc, you all know the drill.

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