APEX S7i GPS Lap Timers - Data Loggers - Lean Angle Recorders

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    Apex Lean Angle G Force and angle.jpg Apex Lean Angle Lap Timer.jpg Hi Everyone; Brand New Product, Just In: Apex S7i Speed-Angle Lap Timer and Data Logger Lean Angle Recorder.

    Some of WMRC's Top Riders and Racer Members have Already Received their own S7i Speed-Angle Lap Timer and Data Loggers from me in the past few days.

    I now have several more In Stock, Ready to Ship Now.

    Email me Directly at b.layton@svracingparts.com for Special Introductory Pricing in Canadian $ for you.

    You Get: Hands-free Lap Timer: Besides collecting and recording essential motion data, GMOS is a hands-free lap timer. It features:
    [​IMG]◾Auto Track Search,
    [​IMG]◾Auto Start/Finish Setup – no beacons needed,
    [​IMG]◾Auto Timer Start,
    [​IMG]◾Auto Timer Stop,
    [​IMG]◾Auto Data Logging
    [​IMG]◾Auto Lap Report Display
    No additional drilling or wiring is required.

    Track Setting Manageable: The Start/Finish can be set on the track using the auto set function, or be uploaded beforehand from PC to your device.

    You can also download the Start/Finish settings from the device to PC to modify them, And then Add splits (up to 7 Splits) and later on you can either delete them, or save them as files.

    Hands Free GPS Driven; Download US Tracks; Save New Tracks as you ride them.

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