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    Hi All,

    Good news is that for some of us; We are less than 30 days till our first raceday! (WMRC)

    More good news is that Pirelli has expended thier compound base this year and have inproved tire durability while maintaining the same great edge grip that only Pirelli tires can provide.

    Bad news though, tires prices went up this year. (Small 2.5% increase) Though thats only bad for me... As I'll continue with the same prices as last year.

    So that said, please see my breakdown. All prices already have the GST included. For all race-days I'll have an inventory of Diablo Superbike (Slicks) and Diablo Supercorsa's (DOTs)

    120/160 set - $400.00

    120/180 set - $410.00

    120/200 set - $420.00

    120/150 set - $365.00

    120/160 set - $365.00

    120/180 set - $390.00

    120/200 set - $400.00

    For all bulk orders (ten tires or more) I offer a 5% discount.

    For anyone wanting a rain set, please contact me via email at scott@empiretyres.ca to place an order. I have a few (2 sets) of rains in stock and I will not be stocking them on a chance that they may or may-not sell. So, if you would like to be prepared for the elements, you know what to do.

    A Rain set will sell for $430.00 for either a 120/190 set or 120/160 set.

    Also, we will be supplying the EMRA with access to the suburb track day tires. Both the Superbike Pros and Dragon's will be offered. Please keep in mind, as they are track day tires, there will be a very limited supply at the race events. We feel track day tires should be sold at track days and not Race Days. Any one interested in these tires, please contact Justin Knapik at justin@empiretyres.ca

    Empiretyres will have a team of very experianced tire changers on-site every race round. Please note, Pirelli tires will still be changed at $10.00 per tire. All other brands will be charged $15.00 per tire. That said, all Pirelli customers will get preferential treatment. (Ie. they'll jump the que over any of the other tire brands.) Also, all tire changes are to be paid via cash only.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to call, text or email me.

    Lastly, if people wouldn't mind. Maybe everyone who is planning to run Pirelli's could give me a quick shout-out email saying what size you want to run. I would really like to make sure that everyone is able to ride on the rubber they want, not what I have in stock.

    ~Scott Paras
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    Plus Great Trackside installation services that come with Value added pressures and suspension suggestions. Assistance from the Empire Team of Expert Racers on many different types of bikes.
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    Shane C Fraser
    +1 for the empyre crew and their support, i was only on take offs last year and they were always more than helpful!
    can not wait to get on these fresh pirelli's this year!!

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