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    That might have been misinterpreted as well. If we have a full season with the usual number of race weekends and the usual number of track day weekends, it would not be smart for the EMRA to take on more days and further dilute the market. Having track days every saturday and sunday all year would be great for the public but it is not sustainable when renting a track costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Also we have to consider the availability/transportation and wear & tear on the safety equipment (airfence).
    Believe me when I say all of these things have been carefully considered and thought through for months and months and months and months.

    Anyways, our website is almost ready so we'll be posting our exciting release soon and the AGM is coming up as well. As of yesterday i think the days are getting longer too so lets all start thinking about the awesome summer we have ahead. It even looks like HX is going to have dates at RMM and that would be awesome for the community! whoop whoop!

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