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  • Hey Justin, hows it going? It's Myles here. Have a question about changing out sprockets and ratio's, thought maybe you can give me some info.

    My bike is a 08' gsxr 600. I'm practicing wheelies right now and it looks like I'll need a new chain and sprockets for next riding season. My current set-up is stock (16 in front and 43 teeth in the back). I'd like to change the ratio but don't want to affect top end speed too much.

    Would dropping a tooth in the front or adding one in the rear help much with acceleration or wheelies? Like noticeable?

    awesome race justin, didnt get a chance to talk after it was done. you killed it on that ktm. good luck in calgary next weekend.

    Hey Justin hope all is well, im gonna be around for race school and would like to volunteer again. Let me know if you guys need a hand? Thanks Max
    hey justin couple questions for ya im going to be racing in seattle this spring and was wondering if you could print me a lisense and if i could help out for the race school if you need a hand, neil carlson and I are heading to the states a couple time this season, thanks alot truly appriciate it.
    Probably not Eric. I don't have the money to race during the winter. I am currently rebuilding a sick zx10r motor and that is expensive enough.
    fireman buddy how ya doin i just became a member of the forum and nees to pick a number for racing this year how do i go about doin that ?
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