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  • Looks like i am working in Calgary this year.same story need a bike but maybe different track, saying that when i raced years ago i drove for hours on my own to race.I drove to the uk from Ireland for one race on my own and was leading a superpower race and started thinking my van was wide open with the keys in and if i crashed i was in the shit.I finished fourth.Not good for the head thinking too much lol.
    Sorry I missed this message and the AGM was last night. If you have any questions please feel free to post a thread in the forums.
    I got back into racing this year after racing up to a pro level 1992 through 1998. I was checked out at a track day and was assigned as an intermediate. Good choice too as getting used to the power of newer bikes plus the tyres and electronics is a whole new world compared to 1998. There are multiple bikes for sale on this forum , if I had to do it again I would have picked a 600 to start. If you talk to Ian Wall he can set you up to be checked out otherwise you would have to do 6 races as a novice. All the rules and bike regulations are on this website. Cheers.
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