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    Rockyview Motorsports update

    I'm cheering this on, but, "We are just beginning to review the application from a planning perspective. At this time we have no timelines for when it might go to council." Says to me a 2015 beginning for construction is optimistic, never mind completion. Governments don't work nearly...
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    Good Campsites or RV parks near Castrol

    Devon has campgrounds too.
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    Questions about insurance and registration

    Bikes don't have to be registered, or even register-able to be insured, however most insurance is null and void if any kind of racing is involved, bikes or cars. Unless special racing insurance is what you have.
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    Race Tech front axle tool

    I apologize if I inferred that yours was the aluminum one, the $20 ones at Alberta cycle are alum. but have the 3/8 drive hole in either end and that set up is more convenient for the home mechanic for sure. The techs in the back, with their habits of using air impact for removal, find that...
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    Any new rules?

    Easy, don't tell her.
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    SV Racing Parts, Metal 90 Degree Valve Stems,

    I just got some of these Silver and Black units from Blair, Very nice. The picture makes the logo jump out a little more than they really do, but these are really nicely made and quite light. The bonus was the delivery time of only a few days, but that may depend on Canada Post and Blair...
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    Race Tech front axle tool

    Sold for a half sack of good beer. :)
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    WTB: 2008-2010 GSXR 600/750 race bodywork

    Brake pads and foot pegs and safety wire. I also recommend teflon tape under the clutch and brake perches, ask the dirtbike guys why.
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    2006 gsxr 750 for sale

    I hope there is a replacement! :(
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    Garage sale

    I just bought a set of 5ive gloves for myself and can say these are fantastic, well made units. I find they fit one size smaller than some of the other manufacturers, but would recommend them highly myself.
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    New action cam vid

    The WaspCam Gideon, has the wifi Watch with the display included as the big bonus over the competition, and yep, price could be a big selling feature. The smart Canadians behind it, also made it fit the GoPro mounts.
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    GSXR wheels

    Blue 600 GSXR wheels from a 2006 bike, may fit other models/years. The wheels are straight and true, with bearings, no brake discs, and minor cosmetic scratches. Asking $400 for the set.
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    New action cam vid

    I'm interested to see how something like the WaspCam stacks up to the known bests of the category like GoPro/Drift. The advantages it has with included goodies and reduced price is promising, let's see how the video quality is, then we can have even more videos with F-Bombs rockin the web!
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    Yamaha 2800w inverter Generator

    Message sent.
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    Yamaha 2800w inverter Generator

    Still available?