2011 CMRA Licence


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I would like to start racing at Strato. Just curious if a 2011 CMRA Ametuer licence will be recognized to race.Thanks!


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from section 1.1 of the rule book:

All competitors that have not raced within 2 years must complete a checkout session before competing.

I'm in the same boat as you. The way I interpret this is that since we have raced within 2 years we should be good to go.


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Even if you have your license, taking the school is a great way of getting the inside scoop on lines, braking markers, and knocking the rust off before the season begins, practice race starts also help relieve some of the first race jitters.


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I absolutely agree :) track days too!

I read that as well Dave, after I posted. Sweet!! Sexy Dunbar will be there on his dirty Duc!