EMRA 2021 Endurance Race Registration Now Open


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Last day to register your team for the endurance race!
{{Registration closes Tonight at 10pm}} NO late registrations!
REGISTER HERE: http://msreg.com/Endurance2021

For those teams who have had their team reps register -
  • Make sure all your team members are also registered as co-drivers with your bike entry and gate pass (whether its your bike or a shared bike)
  • Double check to make sure all bikes on the team have the same transponder number! (This can be done by going to your MSR profile > Garage (on the left side bar) > Edit vehicle button next to your bike > scroll down and edit your transponder number)
Re-Read the rules:

Spectators are welcome!
Purchase their gate pass here: http://msreg.com/Endurance2021-Guest