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For those of you that were not fortunate enough to be at the banquet and those of you that were at the banquet but don’t remember much; here are the non-Championship award winners and promotions:

2011 Intermediate Rookie of the Year – Nigel Vanderkooi
2011 Expert Rookie of the Year – Bodhie Edie
2011 Most Improver Rider – Dave Thorne
2011 Dave Presiloski Memorial award - Jason Kolmatycki
2011 Spirit Award - Scott Rogiani
2011 Leo Johnston Memorial Award - Blair Layton

If you won an award and were not at the banquet contact Trina Widders to arrange a pick-up.

Promotions from Intermediate to Expert, based on lap times & podiums:

Neil Carlson
Jon Bullee
Christopher Mah
Tanner Willcocks
Kyle Buckley
Cory Crowe
Heiko Boychuk
Dave Thorne
John Stroh
Jeff Dahms
Nigel Vanderkooi
Nick Popik
Lorna Stelmack

Our Annual General meeting (AGM) will be held on Dec 7, Edmonton Hotel and Convention Center, 4520 - 76 Ave, at 7PM (the same place as last year’s AGM) rule changes will be voted on, elections take place, poster winner will be announced AND free pizza!

Reminder: for the 2012 race season Snell 2010 helmets or equivalent will be the new minimum standard.

Bike show January 13,14, 15 – need volunteers and shiny bikes for the booth, contact Jon Watchuk

2012 EMRA Dates:
May 11, 12 – Level 1Race School
May 13 – Level 2 Race School
May 26, 27 – Round 1
June 16, 17 – Round 2
July 13, 14 – Round 3
July 15 – Round 4
August – 18, 19 Round 5
September 7, 8 – Round 6
September 9 – EMRA 200 Endurance Race
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