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Getting Started: What You Need To Know

So you want to get started in racing. One of the best ways to get started in racing is to spend a year volunteering. Volunteering is the next best seat in the house other than on the bike, you see all the action up close.

Once you have volunteered or just decided that you want to start racing you will need to do a few things.

1) Find a bike that you want to race:

  • Typically the smaller bike you start on, the easier it will be for you to become a "GOOD" racer. Larger displacement bikes are good because they are fast, but they are less forgiving and are harder to control. A smaller displacement bike will teach you how to carry your corner speed, and is a lot more forgiving on the track.
  • In the Rule book you can look up your bike and determine what classes you can race and what fits best for each rider.
  • quick and Most affordable light weights (300cc)
  • Fast and Fun (600s, V twins, and pretty much anything in-between)
  • Fast and Exciting (1000cc)
2) Take a race school:

  • Taking a race school will teach you number one how to be "SAFE" on the track, flags and what they mean, riding techniques and styles, suspension set up, as well as etiquette on and off the track.
  • Just because you have taken a school already, don't think that another school will not benefit you. The more time you spend on a track, the better you will become. You can always learn something new by attending schools or clinics all the time.
  • The EMRA holds a race school at the start of each season, typically in May. Registration for this usually takes place in January of the same year.
3) Getting club membership and annual fees:

  • Before you race your first event you will need to become a member of the club or association.
  • EMRA Club Membership $40.00 per year expires December of current race year.
  • EMRA Annual Race license Fee $50 This item ensures a valid race license. This will also allow you to reserve a race number. Your number is reserved until the end of round 1 of the following year.
  • EMRA Air-fence Deposit. $100.00 per year Fully Refundable based on Volunteering
4) EMRA typical weekend fees:

  • Now that you are a member of the race association or club, you can race. Each and every weekend there are other fees a rider must pay before they race.
  • $10.00 per day gate fee
  • $150.00 practice day
  • $100.00 Novice Racer includes 2 races
  • $90.00 Entry for first race event
  • $30.00 For each race event entered after the first.
  • The race entry fees are "ONLY" refundable if the rider requests a refund prior to the start of the first race Sunday morning, due to a crash in practice on Saturday or Sunday and can not get the bike in safe running order again. Wanting a refund because of rain will not happen.
4) Setting up your bike:

  • Race schools generally do not have all of the same requirements that a race weekend has. Before you are allowed on a track on a race weekend your bike will need to pass a technical inspection, where things like bolts will be required to be safety wired, brake or clutch reservoirs will need to have covers on them, clip style chains will need to be safety wired. Most of this information is available in the Racer section and Supporting info Below.
5) Riding your pace:

  • So this is your first weekend at the track, you want to go out and win races......wrong. The first thing on your mind should be what can I do to become better. Start slow, learn how to be smooth on the bike first, practice your technique and the speed will come later. If you try the reverse approach, speed first technique later, you will always ride out of control.
6) Race tires:

  • Most racers will not need to purchase race tires their first year of racing, a good quality street tire is sufficient for your first year of racing. One of the top racers in Edmonton who holds the track lap record races primarily on DOT street tires. The street tire will give you better all around budget performance on the track. As a new racer you may also look at buying a set of race take offs that are in good condition.

Supporting info

Bike Teck Prep

Registration & Events

Tech Check list

Rule book

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